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Return of the King

Over the course of a lifetime, events transpire that change us, that move us forward in our personal journeys. Once in a great while, such occurrences become landmarks that transcend the individuals most essentially involved. On even less common occasion, a circumstance––and the passion that gave it life––achieve the status of metaphor, setting a standard, an example from which others can take heart and gain courage.

Such is the case with the Return of the King . . . Magnum Psyche.

The tale of his original ascent to the throne, and the shroud of attempted denial that was cast upon it, is too well-know to recount. Suffice it to say that this King has once again proven himself worthy of the honor, an honor multiplied by his manifold greatness. Not merely acknowledged as the fairest in the land, though that is indeed a high tribute, Magnum has shown his extraordinary prowess as the consistent progenitor of quality and beauty matched only by his own.

In 1998, before the turn of the Millennium, prior to the descent of our world into chaos on 9/11/01, Magnum earned the titles of United States and Canadian National Champion Stallion. In the year 2000, he became Argentine National Champion Stallion. Then he went into semi-retirement-to stud , oblivious to the controversy and skepticism that surrounded him. On the afternoon of October 16, 2004, Magnum Psyche was unanimously chosen United States National Champion Senior Stallion. His victory pass was made to a standing ovation and few eyes in the crowd remained dry, so emotion was reunion and the moment.

Over the past half-decade, Magnum’s sons and daughters have begun to take their places in the annals of breed history. With awesome regularity these beauties have instigated a turning of the tide, establishing a new look, a new demeanor for the Arabian horse. Refining conformation, setting new hallmarks of exotic Arabian type, bringing about a return to the gentle disposition, the tractability of the breed.

In momentum of his ever-escalating achievements, Magnum, the King, is quite literally defining a generation, redefining a breed.

At just nine years of age, Magnum has only just begun to do that which a loving God gave him to us to do. But what a beginning it is. The following abbreviated account will give you, fair reader, an idea the greatness to which we herein refer.

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