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Happy Birthday Magnum!  
A Celebration of Ten Glorious Years  
A decade . . . a milestone

On Saturday May 14 th, at Midwest, a group of close friends celebrated a decade in the life of a great horse. As Magnum turned ten, we paid tribute to the astonishing effect he has already had on the Arabian breed and the people who love it, touching so many lives in a powerful, positive way. This evening honored the friendship, the family and the love that evolves around Magnum, who stands today at the forefront of the most beautiful breed of horse in the world.

In ten short years, Magnum has enjoyed such extraordinary success as a show horse and sire that he has achieved a kind of mythical status. It’s almost as though this living legend has been with us forever.

Magnum set and holds the record as Multi-National Champion and International Champion Stallion. As the leading halter sire in the Arabian breed, Magnum has achieved––in the first ten years of his life­­––what few horses ever attain, immortality through his offspring and their accomplishments.

At the celebration hosted by Fernando & Joaquin de Santibanes and David and Terry Anne Boggs, a gathering of friends was treated to an elegantly prepared dinner, complete with live music, horse presentations, dancing, a musical slide show and the much anticipated premier of the Magnum video.

The highlight of the evening came when Magnum was brought out to the crowd’s boisterous singing of Happy Birthday Magnum. The stallion of the hour enjoyed all of the attention. He even “sampled” his birthday cake; but quickly decided that the many offered carrots were much more to his taste!

Toasts and heartfelt memories were offered by many of Magnum’s friends and admirers. World renowned breeder Roxann Hart of Rohara Arabians, reminisced and expressed her gratitude about how powerfully this single horse has impacted her life and her breeding program.

Walter Mishek of the Arabian Horse Times made an emotional toast. “The Arabian Horse is family,” he said. “Family is comprised of blood, but sometimes Family is comprised of love. Tonight it is comprised of Love.”

The celebration continued, as guest after guest had their pictures taken with the Birthday Boy. When Vicki Humphrey’s daughter, Jessica Clinton, spontaneously jumped on Magnum and rode him around bareback, the entire crowd was surprised and dazzled!

As the band played late into the night, Magnum quietly retired to his stall. On this, like other nights, the glorious chestnut stallion contentedly munched on his fragrant alfalfa, stopping occasionally to listen to the sounds of a sleepy horse barn. As he so often does, he nickered softly now and then to a favorite mare stabled close by, then listened for her reassuring response.

On the surface Magnum’s soft manner and quiet dignity appear to be in stark contrast to the monumental impact he continues to have on the Arabian breed and on hundreds of people involved with these horses. But this seeming incongruity is just one more facet in the mystery that is Magnum–– the horse of the new millennium.

So it was that on that festive night in May, the gentle spirit of a horse whose greatness has touched so many drew us even closer to one another and reminded us what a gift the horse is from a loving God. It was truly a spiritual evening––a moving affair in honor of a remarkable friend.

Happy Birthday, Dear Magnum

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