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Leaders of the Times: Magnum Psyche

"Endeavor, as much as you can, to keep company with people above you…Do not mistake, when I say company above you, and think that I mean with regard to their birth; that is the least consideration; but I mean with regard to their merit and the light in which the world considers them." - Philip Domer Stanhope, 4th Lord of Chesterfield

The light. In what light does the Arabian horse industry view Magnum Psyche, bearer of such unprecedented titles as:

  • Leading Sire at Scottsdale 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (halter and performance).
  • Leading Sire of Halter Champions at the U.S. National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
  • Leading Sire of Halter Champions at the Canadian National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and 2006.
  • Leading Sire of Breeders Sweepstakes Champions in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.
  • Leading Juvenile Sire 2001, 2002 and 2003, setting an all-time industry record.
  • Leading Sire of Champions 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 at the MAHB Fall Festival, the richest futurity in the country.
  • Leading Sire of Argentine National Show Championships 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The light of Magnum Psyche, perhaps the most influential Arabian stallion of modern times, is not limited to his show ring wins. It is not limited to the accolades of his progeny. The light is not even in the leading sire titles. Rather, the bright, shining light of Magnum is best described by long-time partner and handler David Boggs, “Magnum is more than a horse. More than a breeding stallion. More than a roomful of trophies and awards. Magnum has the heart, the soul, the light of one of God’s most beautiful and special creatures. I have been so blessed to be a part of Magnum’s world.”

Magnum’s light shone brightly at the 2006 U.S. Nationals with his progeny capturing three National Championship titles: JJ Magnums Diamond (x Navia HCF, by Cajun Prince HCF), was National Champion Halter Mare AAOTH; LD Pistal (x Halana, by Hal Gibby) was National Champion Senior Halter Stallion and NBW Angels Kiss (x BHF Dark Angel, by RSD Dark Victory) was National Champion Futurity Filly. He sired two Reserve National Champions, GAA Millenia (Bey Cherie Amore, by Bey Shah), who claimed the title in the Senior Halter Mare class and Lexxon WLF (x Alexis SRA, by Exceptionn), who did the same in the Western Pleasure Horse AAOTR 18 – 35. Magnum also was the proud sire of 20 U.S. National Top Ten winners, three in the western pleasure division and the remaining in halter.

Just a few short months later, at the 2007 Scottsdale Show, Magnum’s offspring would continue spreading the light, capturing a total of six Championships, eight Reserve Championships, 52 Top Ten titles and 12 class first places in the halter division. In western pleasure, Magnum’s offspring were named to one Championship title and five Top Tens. Highlights included Terry Anne Boggs’ handling of DD Crown Jewel (x Crown Victoria) to victory in the Arabian Breeding Senior Champion Mares, AAOTH class; Magnetik Bey AHR (x SL Krystal Bey) winning the title in the Arabian Halter Champion & Reserve Geldings, AAOTH class; Magnum ESQ (x SX- Sheba) who was named champion in Arabian Halter Senior Champion & Reserve Geldings; Rohara American Idol (x Miz American Pie) who was shown to the title in Half-Arabian Stock/Hunter Type Champion & Reserve Geldings AAOTH and Roharaamericantribute (x Miz American Pie) who captured the title of Champion Half-Arabian Halter Stock/Hunter Type Junior Champions & Reserve Geldings.

Just as Magnum and his progeny revolutionize the industry by setting new records and standards each and every year, his impact on the economics of the Arabian horse industry continue to be felt as well. He is the leading sire of Arabian horses exported from America as well as the leading sire of Arabian horses imported to America. The fees paid for breedings to Magnum have topped the charts at the nation’s richest futurities, the Iowa Gold Star, Minnesota (MAHB) and Arizona Arabian Horse Breeders. His impact on the economics of the Arabian industry is felt around the globe.

“To be entrusted with the care of such a great horse is a tremendous honor,” says Boggs. “He is not only a bright light shining the way to the future for the Arabian breed, he is also a bright light in the hearts and lives of everyone that has the privilege of coming into contact with him.”

Indeed, it is not Magnum’s titles that are impressive to those unfamiliar with such measurements of greatness; it is his larger-than-life presence, coupled with a kind and gentle spirit. At any Midwest celebration, Magnum is the center of attention, sweetly accepting the fond pats of well-wishers, tenderly nibbling treats from the small hands of adoring children and regally standing himself up from a mere nod from Boggs.

Where did this indisputable beacon of light come from? Born on May 2, 1995, he was the product of Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika) and A Fancy Miracle (*Sasaki x *Medina Azahara). He entered the show ring the next year, capturing the Buckeye Junior Champion Colt title, Region 4 Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt title, and, in his first of record-setting accomplishments, became the U.S. National Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt, receiving the highest points ever awarded by the judges using the European Judging System.
In 1998, he followed up those wins with the U.S. and Canadian National titles as well as the Ohio Buckeye Champion Stallion title. In 2000, he made his foray into the international show ring, capturing the Argentine National Champion Stallion title with a unanimous decision. He returned, triumphantly, to the show ring in 2004, capturing the U.S. National Champion Senior Stallion title unanimously. At that same U.S. Nationals, Magnum’s progeny captured multiple titles, including that of Reserve National Champion Senior Stallion, making it the first time a father (Magnum) and son (Jaayd) were named to the top two positions.

With the Magnum Futurity, a new era for the great stallion has begun. This exciting innovation was conceived and developed by David Boggs, a man who has shared the light of this truly magnificent stallion with Arabian horse enthusiasts the world-over and by Magnum’s owner, Fernando de Santibanes, a man who has graciously accepted the responsibility of owning such an influential and important cornerstone of the breed. Being launched by the team of de Santibanes and Boggs, the Magnum Futurity opens with a purse of $130,000. The program is open to the foals of all nominated mares bred to Magnum in 2006, with the first yearling class slated for February, 2008, at Midwest’s Scottsdale facility.

There will be two classes, both amateur to handle, one for yearling fillies and one for yearling colts and geldings, with prize money distributed as follows: $25,000 to the Champion in each class, $10,000 to the Reserve Champion in each class and $5,000 to the remaining Top Five in each class. Additionally, the trainer of the Champion and Reserve Champion in each of the two classes will receive $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. The breeder/owner of the dams of the Top Five in each class will receive a free breeding to Magnum for the 2008 season. The yearlings will be judged with a modified European judging system with three international judges.

“We wanted to provide a way to recognize those people that have supported Magnum Psyche over the years and who continue to do so,” says Boggs. “Offering significant prize money through an exciting futurity program seems to us just the way to do this.”

It is a near certainty that this next endeavor will be a dazzling, if not blinding, success. Magnum continues to set both standards and records for Arabian breeding stallions and show horses. He has proven time and again that he can deliver offspring that share and carry his beauty, his quality, and his athleticism, making his desirability as a sire unquestionable.

As leading Brazilian breeder, Paulo Levy pointed out in the May, 2005 issue of the Times, “It’s a rare and wonderful thing to run across a horse of Magnum’s stunning beauty and conformational perfection. But when such a horse turns out to be a great sire, invariably stamping his offspring with his own finest qualities, well…..that’s just not too far short of a miracle.”

There is no doubt Magnum has established himself as one of the brightest lights in the industry and Arabian horse enthusiast around the globe will continue to enjoy the warmth and beauty of his light for decades, even centuries to come.

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