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Leading Sire 2003

U.S. Nationals

  • *Magnum Psyche Proudly congratulates his sons & daughters on their 2003 United States Nationals Championship Results
  • Ames Charisma - Unanimous National Champion Yearling Colts Breeders Sweepstakes (x Ames Mirage)
  • Winchester Magnum - National Champion Futurity Gelding (x Khasmir)
  • Magnum Fire At Will - National Champion HA/AA Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes Colts (x By The Grace)
  • SWF Desert Rose - Reserve National Champion Arabian Mare Breeding AAOTH (x BB Flamingo Rose)
  • GAA Millenia - Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly (x Bey Cherie Amore)
  • Magnums Magnifico Reserve National Champion Yearling Colts Breeders Sweepstakes (x Miss Magnifficoo)
  • JJ La Estrella - Top Ten Arabian Mare Breeding AAOTH & Top Ten Jr. Mare (x WA Marlaina Lee)
  • Psychedelic RB - Top Ten Jr. Mare (x RA Nahlima)
  • Iimagine - Top Ten Futurity Colts (x RD Kashandra)
  • MCA Magnums Gold - Top Ten Futurity Colts (x Litique)
  • LD Pistal - Top Ten Futurity Colts (x Halana)
  • HED Kampala - Top Ten Futurity Colts (x Hafati Savannah)
  • Magnum Tuthousand - Top Ten Futurity Colts (x GC Amber Geisha)
  • Magnum Primier - Top Ten Futurity Gelding (x Primrose Carol)
  • SWF Desert Rose - Top Ten Futurity Filly (x BB Flamingo Rose)
  • S Just Dream On - Top Ten Yearling Filly Breeders Sweepstakes (x Justadream)
  • GAA Scimtar - Top Ten Yearling Colts Breeders Sweepstakes (x MA Unique)

Total Magnum Results:
Three United States National Championships Three Reserve National Championships Seventeen United States Top Ten Winners!
Confirming once again, The Leading Sire of National Halter Winners!

Canadian Nationals

  • MCA Magnum Gold - National Champion Futurity Stallion (x Litique) by Litigator
  • LD Pistal - Reserve National Champion Futurity Stallion (x Halana) by Hal Gibby
  • Paisleigh - Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly (x A Francesca) by Aicyng
  • Amelia B - Reserve National Champion two-year-old filly (x Amety B) by Eternety
  • Magnum Tuthousand - Top Ten Futurity Stallion (x GC Amber Geisha) by *Muscat
  • Tangier HFA - Top Ten Futurity Stallion (x Lady Tanzeer) by Bluesprucetanzeer
  • DD Crown Jewel - Top Ten Mare Breeding AAOTH (x Crown Victoria) by *Marsianin
  • Winchester Magnum - Top Ten Open Gelding (x Khasmir) by Kharben
  • Winchester Magnum - Top Ten Futurity Gelding (x Khasmir) by Kharben
  • JJ Shakira - Top Ten Two yr old Filly (x WH Vanity) by Northerlei
  • Psychedelic RB - Top Ten Jr. Mare (x RA Nahlima) by Nabiel
  • OFW Magnum Rose - Top Ten Two Year old Filly (x GA Honisuckl Rose) by Khemosabi
  • Magnum Heiress EA - Top Ten Two Year old Filly (x Gai Galisha) by Bey Shah
  • AD Magnums Jewel - Top Ten Two Year old Filly (x XXX Juliette) by Aladdinn Echo
  • WH Eagle Bey - Top Ten Two Year old Gelding (x Lady Falina T) by Beythoven
  • Magnum Supreme - Top Ten Two Year old Gelding (x AB Aviva) by Alada Baskin

Total Magnum Results:
One National Champion Three Reserve National Champions 16 National Top Ten Winners!
GAA Millenia By Magnum out of a Bey Shah+ daughter National Futurity contender with Rohara.

Scottsdale Show

  • Magnum Psyche  Champion Get of Sire (*Magnum Chall, *Belle Song, Ames Charisma)
  • Ames Charisma  Champion Colt of 2002  AAOTH - & Unanimous Jr. Champion Colt  AAOTH & Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Ames Mirage)
  • Magnum Chall  Unanimous Jr. Champion Colt of 2001 & 1st Place Colts of 2001( x Tamaara HVP)
  • JJ La Estrella  Champion Mares of 1999/2000 AAOTH & Grand Champion Mare AAOTH -  2nd Place Mares of 1999( x WA Marlaina Lee)
  • Belle Song HVP  Reserve Jr. Champion Filly & 1st Place Fillies of 2001( x Padrons Love Song)
  • Platinum Psyche  - Reserve Champion Fillies of 2001 AAOTH & 1st Place Fillies of 2001 - AAOTH( x Echoes Queen LH)
  • Psychedelic RB  Reserve Champion Mares of 1999  2000( x RA Nahlima)
  • OFW Arabaska  1st Place Arabian Fillies of 2001( x Balaquina)
  • S Justdream On  2nd Place Fillies of 2002( x S Justadream)
  • GAA Millenia  2nd Place Mares of 2000( x Bey Cherie Amore)
  • LD Pistal  2nd Place colts of 2000( x Halana)
  • AD Magnums Jewel  - 2nd Place Fillies of 2001 AAOTH & Top Ten Fillies of 2001( x XXX Juliette)
  • Magnum Supreme  2nd Place Geldings of 2001( x AB Aviva)
  • Shooting Star clb  2nd Place Geldings of 2002( x EF Paula)
  • Mage Ya Look  Top Ten Western Pleasure Maiden Horse( x RD Kashandra)
  • WH Magnetic  Top Ten Stallions of 1999( x WH Northern Elite)
  • PA Magnanimous - Top Ten Stallions of 1999( x Memphis NA)
  • Gala Tiffany  Top Ten mares of 1999( x Gala Tricia)
  • Magnums Caress IA  Top Ten Mares of 1999  2000( x OFW Shah Topaz)
  • Magnum Primier  Top Ten Geldings of 1999 & 2000 AAOTH( x Primrose Carol)
  • MCA Magnum Gold  Top Ten Colts of 2000( x Litique)
  • Iimagine - Top Ten Colts of 2000(x RD Kashandra)
  • HED Kampala - Top Ten Colts of 2000( x Hafati Savanna)
  • Estancia LL  Top Ten Mares of 2000( x  CF Khashmir)
  • BM Psyches Silhoutte  Top Ten Mares of 2000( x Baskardina)
  • Psyabotage  Top Ten Geldings of 2000( x Khemosheika)
  • JJ Magnums Diamond  Top Ten Mares of 2001( x Navia HCF)
  • Lluminessa - Top Ten Fillies of 2001( x Lumiar Tamara)
  • Champaine N Roses  Top Ten Fillies of 2001 AAOTH( x ROL Roseofsummer)
  • Mega Star LL  Top Ten Fillies of 2001 AAOTH ( x OA Darcy)
  • Amelia B  - Top Ten Fillies of 2001( x Amety B)
  • OFW Magnum Rose  Top Ten Fillies of 2001( x Honisuckl Rose)
  • WH Eagle Bey  Top Ten Colts of 2001(x Lady Falina T)
  • Fancee Me  Top Ten HA/AA Fillies of 2001 ( x Queen Of The Ring)
  • Ladie Magnum  Top Ten Fillies of 2002( x Psyches Psecret)
  • Rohara Prosecco - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x SRA Ashley Bey)
  • Magnetik Bey - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x SL Krystal Bey)
  • Freellance  Top Ten Colts of 2002( x JT Fire Passion)
  • Magnumagniggicoo - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Torrifficoo)
  • Printz W - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Brass Princess)
  • Logann - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Lola Hogan)
  • Hasans Magnifire  Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Dawn Appeal NY)
  • JJ Matador - Top Ten Colts of 2002( x Analeesa)
  • Magnum Esq.  Top Ten Colts of 2002  AAOTH & Top Ten Colts of 2002( x SX  Sheba)
  • R Psyches Mist  Top Ten Fillies of 2002  AAOTH( x My Tribute)
  • Bay Oaks Aaliyah - Top Ten Fillies of 2002  AAOTH ( x Kishaj)

Total Magnum Results:
4 Scottsdale Champions, 2 Scottsdale reserve Champions, 7 First Place Class Winners, 8 Second Place Class Winners, 48 Scottsdale Top Ten Winners!

Minnesota Fall Festival

2003 Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival & Midwest Training & Breeding Stations set new Records!

Midwest Training & Breeding Stations, together with its outstanding young Halter and Western Horses and their talented amateur handlers and riders, enjoyed a fun and successful 2003 Minnesota Fall Festival Show!

The weather turned chilly but that didn't stop the competition from "heating" up inside the show arena! The quality of the horses here left little wonder, why; this show has been touted for years as a "Mini-Nationals"! Midwest's amateurs rose to the challenge and brought home with them the ribbons and of course the fantastic prize money!

At the end of the show, after all of the awards had been tallied, Magnum Psyche was named, for the 4th year in a row, the "Leading Sire of the Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival", sending his personal Thanks to his many winning offspring.

are legendary. This year proved no exception. An early morning breakfast gathering was held "back at the ranch" on Friday morning. Satisfying the guests' appetites, "Magnum Mimosas", Coffee, Rolls and Doughnuts were offered. Then, to help warm them up during the chilly early morning air, a HOT "All Star" lineup of this year's National contenders and future Scottsdale entry's were presented. Rounding out the morning's festivities were the Midwest's Mega Star Stallion lineup: Magnum Psyche, Legacy of Fame, *Magnum Chall, Nations and the newest "Star" of Midwest, National Champion, National Show Horse Stallion, STING RAY !

One of the most anticipated events at the Minnesota Fall Festival is the mighty Medallion Stallion Service Auction. This auction generates the prize money for the resulting MAHB "Auction" yearling classes and for the futurity itself. When the auction is successful, EVERYONE benefits!

Midwest and the Boggs family are proud of its long time association with the Minnesota Breeders program. David's parents, Don & "Shorty" Boggs, were one of the original founding members of the MAHB, so it's from this family's history that Midwest continues its support. Midwest's finest Champion Stallions are enrolled in the Medallion Stallion Service Auction: Magnum Psyche, Legacy of Fame, *Magnum Chall, Nations, *Van Ali Dancer, *JJ Senor Magnum, Magnum Tuthousand and Emage Of.

Starting Saturday evening's Auction off with a "Bang", first lot in, National Champion Stallion, Legacy of Fame, saw the bidders supporting the Midwest Stallions with the winning bidder securing Legacy's breeding at $12,000! And his son was crown the Champion yearling Medallion colt. What a great way it was to start the auction. Legacy's breeding became the second highest sold at the auction. Throughout the auction, breedings were sold via video of stallions on big screen to an energetic crowd.

And finally,.. Lot, # 63, was announced and very aggressive bidding began, Magnum Psyche once again made history! For the 3rd Year in a row, Magnum Psyche's breeding topped the Minnesota charts! This time selling for an All Time Record High of $23,500!

Magnum Psyche's breeding was not only the highest selling breeding in the 2003 Auction, but it was also the highest selling breeding ever sold in the Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival's history!

After the evening's auctions were totaled, it was announced to the breeders that the 2003 Medallion Stallion Service Auction had reached an unprecedented over quarter of a million dollars!

The Stallion owners at Midwest are proud supporters of the World's Richest Futurity, the Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival. Any Arabian foal, resulting from a mare that was bred to any one of Midwest's Medallion Stallions, and is nominated, is eligible to compete in the Medallion Stallion Futurity. Make sure you visit the MAHB's website: www.medallionstallion.com for complete details. And the Boggs family invites you to visit Midwest and enjoy their horses and excitement of this great breed ..anytime!

Total Magnum Results:
2003 Leading Sire of Champions!

  • Yearling Top Ten Winners in the Fillies: TR Missimpressive (x Kourisma) Reserve Champion Filly, TF Magnums Vision ( x Premonishahn) EH Cloye ( x Beausheba)
  • Yearling Top Ten Winners in the Colts: PR Matrix ( x National Fixation), JJ San Martin ( x Porcelyn), Ames Charisma ( x Ames Mirage)
  • 2-year-old Top Ten Winners in the Fillies: JJ Magnums Diamond ( x Navia HCF) Champion Filly, Mardie Gras ( x Louisiana) Reserve Champion Filly, PR Magnolia ( x RB Gitana)
  • 2 year old Top Ten Winners in the Colts: Lexxon WLF (x Lexis SRA) Champion Colt, Magnum Supreme ( x AB Aviva) Reserve Champion Colt, TF Homerun ( x Kharnation), Magnums Fifth ( x Sax Fifth Avenue), Niagara BF ( x MAF Shantily Lace)
  • Jackpot 3 & over Top Ten Winners in the Mares: TR Copperclassique ( x Coppertique) Reserve Champion Mare
  • Jackpot 3 & over Top Ten Winners Stallions: Magnum Tuthousand ( x GC Amber Geisha) Champion Stallion

Yearling Sweepstakes

"The 2003 Regional Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Results are in!"

Magnum Psyche congratulates his sons and daughters on making Arabian History. (History, it turns out, does repeat itself.)

  • Region 18 in Canada Unanimous Champion filly -Queen Adiamonds (x TF Queen Ahearts) by Khouros
  • Region 18 in Canada Unanimous Champion colt Rohara Prosecco (x SRA Ashley Bey) by Bey Shah
  • Region 7 in AZ Champion Colt-GAA Scimitar (x MA Unique) by Bey Shah+
  • Region 8 in CO Champion Colt - Printz W (x Brass Princess) by Brass
  • Region 12 in GA Champion Filly - S Just Dream On (x S Justadream) by Justafire
  • Region 13 in IN Champion Colt - Ames Charisma (x Ames Mirage) by Brass
  • Region 11 in IL Champion Colt Magnum Magnificoo ( x Torrifficoo) by Echo
  • Region 3 in NV Champion colt Meridien ATL (x RD Celebrashah) by Bey Shah
  • Region 17 in Canada Champion filly C Dreams Dance (x Mistic Dream) by Padrons Psyche
  • Region 6 in WY Reserve Champion coltXtatic JA (x JA Jamaals Xtacy) by MAF Bey Ali
  • Region 10 in MN Reserve Champion colt - JJ San Martin (x Porcelyn) by Bey Shah+
  • Region 15 in VA Reserve Champion filly Ladie Magnum (x Psyches Psecret) by Padrons Psyche
  • Region 16 in NY Reserve Champion filly Queen Adiamonds (Queen Ahearts) by Khouros

Regional Top Five & Top Ten Winners:

  • Region 7 in AZ Top 5 fillyR Psyches Mist (x My Tribute) by Khouros
  • Region 6 in WY Top 5 Filly EH Cloye (x Beausheba) by Don Beau Bask
  • Region 6 in WY Top 5 Colt Matrix (x National Fixation) by National Fame
  • Region 15 in VA Top 5 colt Magnum Prince (x Kamere) by Imperial Al Kamar
  • Region 9 in TX Top 5 Filly DD Magnetikha (x Momentka) by Moment
  • Region 11 in IL Top 5 Filly Shah Kirra (x BQ Déjà Vu) by Bey Shah
  • Region 11 in IL Top 5 Colt Xtatic JA (x JA Jamaals Xtacy) x MAF Bey Ali
  • Region 16 in NY Top 5 filly Psyche Me Up (x Mondria WCA) by Monogramm
  • Region 16 in NY Top 5 colt JJ Matador (x Analeesa) by Gazarr
  • Region 16 NY Top 5 gelding MW Bourbon Street (x Louisiana) by *Cajun Prince HCF
  • Region 16 in VA Top 5 colt Magnum Prince (x Kamere) by Imperial Al Kamar
  • Region 3 in NV Top 5 filly Tucson AZ (Bey Trissan) by Bey Shah
  • Region 18 in Canada Top 5 gelding MW Bourbon Street (x Louisiana) by *Cajun Prince HCF
  • Region 18 in Canada Top 5 filly Bay Oaks Aaliyah (x Kishaj) by MS Santana
  • Region 1 in CA Top 10 Filly R Psyches Mist (x My Tribute) by Khouros
  • Region 7 in AZ Top 10 filly Maggie Mae PGA (x Rachel Ann) by Bey Shah+
  • Region 7 in AZ Top 10 Colt- MS Ignite (x Baksevita) by SV Basksko
  • Region 7 in AZ Top 10 Filly C Sade (x American Fire) by Barbary
  • Region 8 in CO Top 10 Filly WHK Magnaleeza (x WH Vanity) by Northerlei
  • Region 9 in TX Top 10 Filly Magnums Promise (x MS GG Chablis) by Leas Reflexion
  • Region 12 in GA Top 10 Colt JJ Matador (x Annaleesa) by Gazarr
  • Region 12 in GA Top 10 Colt Magnum EWA (x Princess Shahfawn) by JK Amadeus
  • Region 15 in VA Top 10 filly Queen Adiamonds (x TF Queen Ahearts) by Khouros
  • Region 15 in VA Top 10 colt JJ Matador (x Analeesa) by Gazarr
  • Region 11 in IL Top 10 Filly EH Cloye (x Beausheba) by Don Beau Bask
  • Region 16 in IL Top 10 Colt Xtatic JA (x JA Jamaals Xtacy) x MAF Bey Ali
  • Region 16 in WY Top 10 Filly EH Cloye (x Beausheba) by Don Beau Bask
  • Region 18 in Canada Top 10 filly Herahh (x Porshahh) by Bey Shah

Total Magnum Results :
9 Champions, 4 Reserve Champions, 27 Top Fives, 41 Top Tens


Scottsdale Champion & Brazilian National Winner *Belle Song hvp
Congratulations owners Don & Janey Morse Kelly & Denise Meyers Ron & Loraine Korn

JJ Ballarina 2003 "National Champion Filly of the UAE"

Leaders of the Times - Magnum Psyche

Bob Hope left us a legacy of talent and generosity. Todd Beamer, one of the many heroes of 9/11, left us a legacy of courage and faith. Princess Diana, a legacy of royalty and compassion. Who among us doesn’t want to leave a mark, mighty or small, remembered by millions or few, on this world?

William James once said, “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” And with his startling beauty and grace, number of records to his name and hundreds of offspring hitting their stride, Magnum Psyche (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle, by Sasaki) is well on the way to making his mark. He, through his get, will long outlast his natural number of years on this earth.

Arguably, the legacy of a horse isn’t near as important as the legacy of an entertainer to the troops, a selfless hero or a beautiful woman dedicated to the eradication of land mines; or is it? This horse, and the many lives he is touching through his offspring, is helping bring joy to many, even stirring newfound passion in some and undoubtedly, creating a reason for getting out of bed in the morning for those who work with him the closest. And what can be more important than that?

Having a passion for his work in the Arabian industry is the least you can say about David Boggs, Magnum’s lifelong partner. And although that passion was there long before Magnum, the breathtaking 8-year-old stallion can take some credit for keeping the fires burning. Says David, “From the moment I saw him, I knew he might possibly be the most important horse in my entire life of working in the Arabian industry. He isn’t just legacy material, he is legend material.”

Not words to be taken lightly when they come from the likes of David, who owns and operates, along with his wife, Terry Anne, one of the most successful and well-known Arabian breeding, marketing, training and sales organizations in the world – Midwest Training Centre. Having worked with countless national champions and top-notch breeding stallions, David knows legend material when he sees it. And Magnum is keeping up his end of the bargain.

First shown in 1996, the stunning chestnut stallion took the Arabian industry by storm, capturing not only the 1996 Buckeye Junior Champion Colt title, but also unanimously winning the U.S. National Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt title. In 1998, he continued distinguishing himself by being named: Buckeye Grand Champion Stallion, Region XV Champion Stallion, U.S. National Champion Stallion and unanimous Canadian National Champion Stallion. In 2000, Magnum went global, with a unanimous Argentine National Champion Stallion credit.

Magnum’s show ring accomplishments are just one leg of his already legendary journey. Years from now, when some have forgotten which stallion won which national championship in which year, Magnum will still be at the forefront of the Arabian industry. His progeny are insuring what he is doing in this life will outlast his championship titles. In 1999, when his first foal crop hit the show ring as yearlings, Magnum became the Leading AHA Yearling Sweepstakes Sire. In 2001, with just three foal crops, Magnum could claim the following titles: Leading Juvenile Sire, Leading Sweepstakes Halter Sire, Leading Scottsdale Halter Sire, Leading Sire of Argentine National Halter Champions, Leading Sire of Canadian National Halter Champions, Leading Sire of U.S. National Halter winners and Leading Sire of Halter winners at the Minnesota Fall Festival.

2002 and 2003 have proven just as awe-inspiring for horse, partner Boggs and owners The Fernando de Santibanes Family. Magnum can claim many records no other horse has even come close to, particularly at such a young age. He is:

  • Leading Halter Sire of 2000, 2001 and 2002
  • Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival (the richest futurity in the nation)
  • Leading Halter Sire of U.S. Nationals in 2001 & 2002
  • Leading Halter Sire of Canadian Nationals in 2001, 2002 & 2003
  • Leading Halter Sire of Scottsdale in 2001, 2002 & 2003
  • Leading Sire of AHA Champions 2001, 2002 & 2003 Sweepstakes Yearlings (in all three categories
  • Leading Sire of Champions 2001 & 2002 in Argentina
  • Leading Juvenile Sire 2001, 2002 & 2003

The last jewel in the crown, Leading Juvenile Sire of 2003, was revealed in the August issue of The Times, along with the astounding revelation that Magnum has 632 foals on the ground as of 7/01/03. His nearest competitor for the title has 231.

But, Boggs is quick to point out, Magnum’s legend isn’t just about numbers. It is about how good the foals are. And they are holding their own in the show ring with Maggdalina (x Zolina) capturing Reserve National Champion Sweepstakes Filly in 2000, Magnum Tuthousand (x GC Amber Geisha) being named 2003 Region X Champion Stallion, and Magnum Chall (x Taamara HVP) being named Scottsdale Champion. And those are just a few of the highlights, which are simply too numerous to mention, but span regions VI, X, XIII and XVIII and Canadian Nationals over the past four years.

Magnum’s global show ring popularity is now being rivaled by his worldwide breeding popularity. Pillars of Arabian horse breeding have recognized his flawless conformation, and his ability to reproduce some of that perfection. Breeding programs all across North America, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Australia and the United Arab Emirates have all called upon Magnum. Many national champion mares have been, or will be bred to the legend, including Battaglia Farms’ multi-titled Monrovia X and Cedar Ridge’s Toi Jabaska.

“I think he is the closest to perfection many people have ever seen,” says David. “And everyone is anxious to try to replicate that in a foal, in something that will carry on the Magnum tradition and outlive him.”

The stallion has only just begun his journey, according to David. He recently finished a 25-mile endurance ride, winning the stallion competition. So could he be preparing for re-entry in the show ring as a senior stallion? Only David, Magnum and the de Santibanes Family knows for sure, and they’re keeping the legendary Magnum’s next move under wraps. In the meantime, his progeny continue on with the spirit, grace and elegance that can only be….the legend of Magnum Psyche.

The numbers are in and the list of the 2003 Leading Juvenile Sires has been compiled. Forty-nine brilliant stallions can be found on this essential Who's Who of young Arabian breeding stallions. Stallions on this prestigious list must be 8 years of age or younger with a minimum of 19 registered progeny by 7/01/03.

Since 1997, when Arabian Horse Times featured the first Leading Juvenile Sires list, we have seen more than 100 promising young sires and four stallions on the very top. In 1997, Thee Desperado led the Leading Juvenile Sires list with 221 registered progeny in his last year as a juvenile. The next year a new leader was crowned in Beythoven MC, with 129 foals on the ground in his 8-year-old year. Magic Dream CAHR made his way to the top of the list in 1999 and 2000 with a final total of 240 foals. A distant second in 2000 was the young emerging superstar Magnum Psyche with 147 foals at just 5 years of age.

What happened next is unprecedented in the Arabian breed for a juvenile sire. Magnum Psyche not only led the charts for three consecutive years, but accomplished this great feat with awe-inspiring numbers. This year, his last year as a juvenile, The International Champion Magnum Psyche leads the Industry record with 632 registered progeny. This is a noteworthy accomplishment for any stallion and is unheard of for a sire of only 8 years old.

Magnum Psyche, however, is no stranger to this type of notoriety. Born May 2, 1995, on small breeders Lank and Lisa Havices' Florida farm, Magnum Psyche was destined for greatness. The top side of his pedigree, which includes sire Padrons Psyche and grandsire *Padron, carries a regal line of champions and King Makers. On the bottom side, his pedigree is straight Spanish, which adds a unique blending of blood. This combination produced a horse with undeniable quality and unseen beauty and charisma.

"Until Magnum, I considered *Aramus the most beautiful Arabian horse of all time," says noted Arabian horse trainer and breeder Bob Battaglia. "Today, Magnum's beauty surpasses them all. To me, he is in the same league as the greatest beauties the breed has ever known … stallions like Ferzon and Gai Parada and, of course, his grand sire, *Padron. I take special pride in the fact that I was the importer of Magnum's grand sire *Sasaki. *Sasaki's dam, *Safia, who I also imported, was a big, incredibly beautiful mare with the largest blackest eyes in the world. She was Swedish National Champion Mare and a marvelous producer who was carrying *Sasaki when I brought her to America. We knew that he was remarkable … but how could we have known what an impact he would have on the breed? It is truly an honor to be a part of this modern legacy."

Magnum Psyche's exotic beauty and virtually flawless conformation was recognized immediately in the show ring as a youngster. In 1996, he wore his first blanket of roses, winning the U.S. National Yearling Colt Championship with David Boggs of Midwest Training Centre on the lead. In 1998, the chestnut stallion captured the Ohio Buckeye,Canadian and U.S. National Championship Stallion titles at the young age of 3.

At 3 years of age, Magnum's first foal crop hit the ground with rave reviews. Nine of his 1999 yearlings, just under 50 percent, claimed regional yearling sweepstakes honors, earning Magnum his first title of Leading Sire of Regional Yearling Sweepstakes Champions!

Leader is a title that has come to be closely associated with Magnum Psyche. His accolades include: Leading Halter Sire of Scottsdale 2001, 2002, 2003; Leading Sire of the U.S. and Canadian Nationals 2001 and 2002; Leading Sire of Yearling Sweepstakes Champions 2001 and 2002; Leading Sire of Champions in Argentina 2001 and 2002; and Leading Sire at the 2002 Brazilian Breeders Cup Championship Show.

Magnum's irrefutable success as a breeding stallion has caused a stir within the industry and created a high demand for his semen. "I think Magnum Psyche has become such a phenomenon within the breed because of his unparalleled beauty and the unmistakable aura surrounding him," says David Boggs, Magnum's constant companion and biggest fan. "In many people's eyes he is the closest to perfection that we have ever seen. They are so taken with his beauty that they want to see if they can recreate it through one of his foals."

Major Breeders across North America and the world, including Brazil, Europe, Poland, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, have all utilized Magnum Psyche in their breeding programs. In the United States, both breeders of halter and performance horses are using Magnum on their best mares. Several of the industry's top performance breeders and trainers have bred their multi-national champion mares to Magnum. For example, Battaglia Farm's multi-national champion Monrovia X, Cedar Ridge's multi-national champion Toi Jabaska and Mac Baske, the sire of Baske Afire , have or will be bred to Magnum Psyche.

So, at just 8 years of age and on the same path to enormous success as the industry's great sires, Khemosabi and *Bask, how will Magnum Psyche sustain this level of popularity?

"Proudly," answers David Boggs. " Many of today’s breeders are all deeply committed to Magnum. His well being receives unwavering support from his owners Fernando and Joaquin de Santibanes, who enable us to promote Magnum and make his greatness available to the world through several satellite breeding stations. As well, Magnum has the support of the industry's leading trainers.

This may be Magnum Psyche's last year on the Leading Juvenile Sire's list, but as seen by this year’s regional sweepstakes leading sire results, this is surely not the last we will see of Magnum or his progeny. We are sure to see his sons on this list in the future. As for the future of chestnut stallion that has dazzled us with his deep dark Spanish eyes and breathtaking beauty, we’ve been told he recently finished a 25-mile competitive endurance ride, winning the stallion competition in traditional Magnum Psyche fashion. With a performance qualification now permanently under his girth, Magnum Psyche could be preparing for the possible re-entry into National Senior Stallion halter competition, and one thing for certain... all eyes of the industry would be watching in wonder as to what may lie ahead for the fiery chestnut stallion.

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